Automated Best Trade

Money Making Software!

Main window (cells marked in green denote profit)


Automated Best Trade (ABT) is EASY to use, DUAL-LICENSED (FREEWARE or BUY2SELL) and MONEY MAKING SOFTWARE without investment!

It is 'Trade as Antagonistic Matrix Game' with complex conditions where the program delivers optimum business decision that maximizes profit.

There are four markets (presented as tables-matrix) marked with: XS (yellow), XC (blue), YC (green), and YS (red) (as logo, as image Main window), where the first index indicates the articles (X yellow-blue and Y green-red) (synchronized columns), and the second clients (S yellow-red and C blue-green) (rows). Therefore, XS is domestic offer from clients S with articles X, XC is foreign demand for articles X of clients C, YC is foreign offer from clients C with articles Y, and YS is domestic demand for articles Y of clients S. There are two layers of tables: the quantity of articles and their prices, respectively. In this program, the terms 'domestic' and 'foreign' used very flexibly.

The program 'closes quantification package' offer and demand articles (X and Y) in both markets (S and C), with revenue optimization (maximum differences in prices). 'Closes quantification package' means that the realization, offer articles and their demand is equal, it is the first mathematical condition of the model. Optimization of the profit is the second mathematical condition.

The logo program best explains the mathematical model of the problem.

In other words, the program matches the supply and demand of the program where the user (you) achieves maximum profit!

This program is multilingual. Supported languages ​​are English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Serbian.